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/// Rocker Presale Announcement ///

(Please read ALL to understand everything before you consider joining this presale. By joining this presale you understand and agree with everything stated here. This entire post will be also on the description of all Rocker products pages soon. TLDR at the end just in case).

Hello clickers!

After a lot of brainstorming, we have finally decided how we are going to offer the next Rockers for you guys, in a way that most people can benefit from this fairly limited release and have the best chances to try one of these, and that is as a PRESALE!


Not really. A Preorder usually takes longer, it starts from zero and requires the production/machining of all products and only after the preorder is funded, as well as many other steps after that. But since we already have the un-assembled extra Rockers in-house and a new production is not needed, this instead will be a Presale. All we need to do now is surface finish, QC, assembly and fulfillment / shipment. This still takes time to do though, more on that below.


In a similar way we usually do with Drops, once the countdown goes to Zero, you can refresh the page and you should be able to place your Presale order for a Rocker of your choice. So in a way it’s similar to a Drop, except these won’t ship right away because we will be working on those final steps like assembling, etc. More on that in a minute, keep reading :)


Yes, we will be limiting to a maximum of ONE Rocker and TWO Wide buttons per order. You are free to choose between Titanium, SS or Brass, (in different finishes) and your Rocker style, Rocker, Slim or Plus. We will take the liberty to cancel any orders with more than one piece.


We will not be offering Stock buttons or Wide buttons individually at this time. However, if you are placing a presale order for a Rocker Clicker, you are eligible to purchase a maximum of two Wide buttons with your Rocker. You need to add the Wide buttons by visiting their Product page here and choosing your style from the dropdown menu.

Please notice that you MUST be purchasing a Rocker Clicker in your cart to be able to checkout this item. Orders with only Wide buttons without a Rocker Clicker will have to be canceled.

The reason we have these limits is to help as much as possible with managing of our inventory. Maybe after this Presale if we happen to have extra Wide buttons we may be listing them as a individual products on the shop. TBD.


This time there is NO Deadline. But here is why:

We will be QCing, finishing and assembling Rockers everyday and at the end of two weeks of work we will be shipping what we’ve accomplished during those two weeks. Once that first batch gets shipped we will repeat this cycle until they are all shipped. So in other words, we should be shipping constantly every two weeks. We will keep our UQH Group updated every two weeks once a new batch is shipped.


We have developed our own workflow in order to assemble these little guys, and because of that we will not prioritize shipments by order number or by express shipping methods. If you choose a Express Shipping method, let’s say FedEx, that won’t make us ship it faster, but once it does gets shipped, it should be very fast.


Yes! Please, we really appreciate if you understand this before you place your presale order, and once you do, we count with your patience to wait for as long as it takes for us to ship yours. Every two weeks a batch of packages will be shipped, and yours could be one of them. If not, then maybe two weeks after and so on. Asking about your presale order will most likely just slow down yours and everyone else’s since we are just two people here, my wife and I, and I will have to stop to tell you to be patient anyways, lol. So thank you in advance for being patient!


It’s important to know that shipping prices have been fluctuating a lot recently because of the Pandemic, and this has been very challenging for us to keep up with the updated shipping prices. Our website needs to be updated manually for every single country once there is a price change so this takes a bunch of our time and can potentially slow down everything.

So in this case the solution we found is that in any case of a shipping price change by the time we are about to ship your order, we should contact you in order to readjust the shipping price accordingly, so please understand that you may or may not have to cover for an extra shipping fee.

Another issue that can happen is that by the time we are about to ship your order, the shipping method of your choice may not be available anymore (again due to the Pandemic) and If that happens we should also contact you to offer another potentially available shipping method. This may have a price change, so again get ready to potentially cover an extra fee before we can ship it.


• This is a Presale, not a Preorder.
• Check the Countdown for the precise Presale day and time.
• Limited to 1 Rocker per order and 2 Wide buttons per order.
• No Deadline for shipment, but we will ship batches of presale orders every two weeks.
• There is no priority for shipments, we will choose at random according with our workflow for the benefit of speed.
• Please be patient.
• Shipping prices or shipping methods may change due to the Pandemic, and if so, we will contact you before shipping and you may have to cover for an extra fee.


This is a Presale for:

Product: Rocker Clicker
6 Stock Buttons + Storage
Magnets: 24x N52 Neodymium Magnets (Installed)
28.5mm x 43mm
 ~65 grams
 Stainless Steel (SS)
Glass Blasted (GB) or Fine Stonewash (FSW)
Back: UQH Branded milled waves


You can choose between two finishes, Fine Stonewash (FSW) or Glass Blasted (GB). The glass blasted is a very fine “satin” like finish, just like you see in the photos and videos. It’s super smooth and silky, and not rough or chalky at all. It’s an amazing finish. ;)

The FSW finish gives the piece more rounded edges and a shinny and smooth finish with a fine noise that feels it's right underneath the glossy and smooth surface.

What exactly is a "Clicker"?

Clickers are haptic magnetic devices that you can easily fidget with and they usually don't require any skills. It's more like a fidget toy rather than a skill toy. They are super fun to play with and provide a super satisfying sensory response usually attributed as a haptic feedback. Some people say clickers have been helping them greatly to cope with anxiety, nail picking, skin picking, lip picking, peeling, nail biting, stress, and other anxiety related disorders.

So what is the Rocker Clicker?

In a few words, it’s pure clicking satisfaction. 🤤 Each click has this super solid and satisfying haptic feedback that makes you feel craving for the next click. Seriously, it’s that addicting!

A big shoutout to our friend Owen Cimo who inspired us with countless clicking ideas which motivated us to develop the Rocker idea further and further!

As mentioned, the Rocker Clicker will be available in three different designs or variations: Rocker, Rocker Slim and Rocker Plus. Each design has a different size and shape as well as a different configuration and amount of buttons.

One thing that is cool about these different designs is that although they vary in sizes and shapes, they still share the same type of “Buttons”, which makes them extremely modular and interchangeable, opening up for some serious metals swap possibilities! You can have a Rocker base in Titanium, and fill it with Brass buttons for example, or the other way around, etc.

Design-wise, they are all super comfortable to hold in your hands for long periods of time. They offer comfortable rounded edges all around and the clicking action is just impeccable, intuitive, solid and very satisfying. There is no pinching on your fingers whatsoever and it’s really just a joy to carry and fidget with these little guys. Their sizes are very pocket friendly and EDC-able :D.

The Wide Button:

Another cool thing is that we are also offering a “Wide Button” style as an extra separate item for this Preorder (you can purchase them here). This Wide Button is not only wider but it also has double the amount of magnetic pull and clicking feedback, since it takes 4 magnets instead of 2 like the other buttons. The installation only takes a few seconds. You just need to remove two of the stock Buttons to open room for the Wide Button, place it on the open slot and click away!


Each metal should have different clicking sounds and feedback since different metals have different kinds of densities and should vibrate differently from each other.

Also btw, these Rockers click loud! If you are concerned about sound, or if you are particularly sensitive to loud clicking sounds, be advised!

WARNINGS AND TIPS: Click here to read all warnings!