* Please read carefully before you purchase from UQH.

We are based in Taiwan and all of our products are in stock and ready to ship, except for pre-order items.

We ship worldwide / international directly from our store in Taiwan.

Once your payment is cleared we we will start fulfilling your order, which can take up to one week. We do not ship on the weekends.

At this moment we offer five types of shipping methods:

* TAIWAN SMALL PACK (ETA: 7 - 20+ days)
- Tracking system will depend on the destination
- Only available to some countries
- Usually the tracking for this method is a partial tracking system which means that they don't scan all the checkpoints, but mostly the origin and destination and sometimes a few checkpoints in between.

NOTICE: If you choose the Taiwan Small Pack Shipping method, you should keep the following in mind:

- If your package returns to us, (I.E. client wasn't home) in order for us to collect the package in our local post office, we must pay a "return fee". If you wish to get your package re-shipped to your shipping address, we will then charge you the same return fee plus a new shipping cost. However, if you wish to cancel and leave the package to us, we can issue a refund for the product, but we do not issue refunds for the shipping fees.

* STANDARD SHIPPING (ETA: 5 - 12+ days)
- Full tracking Number

- Only available to some countries

* EMS - EXPRESS (ETA: 3 - 7+ days)
- Full tracking Number

- Available to all countries

* DHL - EXPRESS (ETA: 4 - 14+ days)
- Full tracking Number
- Only available to some countries

* FEDEX - EXPRESS (ETA: 1 - 7+ days)
- Full tracking Number
- Available to all countries

* TIP: To know which shipping options are available to your country, simply add a product to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Choose your country from the countries list and type your address. In the next page you will see the available shipping options to you along with the shipping prices.


By default, all shipping methods provided require a signature upon delivery.

If the postman tries to deliver and you are not home to sign up, the package will return to your local post office and it will stay there for you to pick up. From here, you have two options: You can either give your post office a call (or via USPS website / APP in case of US orders only, for other countries please use 17track (dot com) ) and schedule a re-delivery for a time that you will be home to sign up, or you can just pass by your post office to sign and collect the package. Please, make sure to contact your local post office ASAP to claim your package. If the package is unclaimed from 1 - 2 weeks it will return to us.

One last option if you don't want to sign for your package is to provide a P.O BOX shipping address at your checkout. This way, no signature is required.


If the tracking status of your package shows "Delivered", that is the confirmation for us that your package reached it's final destination and your order is now completed. In case the tracking shows "Delivered", and the client claims that it have not received the package, please contact us immediately. We will in this case, open an official inquiry document with our local post office which will then contact USPS staff for all the information about your package. This is a very slow process and results may take months to show up, so please keep that in mind, patience is key.

Also notice that, the tracking information is the only documented log and 'proof' we have regarding the history of your package, and we do not issue immediate refunds in case the package shows "Delivered" and if the client claims haven't received it. Although, we can and will issue refunds in case the official inquiry document shows that the package was lost, or did not reach the client's hands. If the official inquiry states that the package was indeed delivered and properly signed, we will not issue a refund. The "Delivered" status, is the only proof we have that the package reached it's final destination. Also keep in mind that PayPal disputes won't work in this case since once PayPal sees the "Delivered", it considers that the package is indeed delivered, as it should.


All shipping prices are calculated by weight and automatically at your checkout. If you want to know the shipping price to your country, just add the products to your cart and simulate a checkout. The shipping price will show up for you. You can keep adding products or removing them from your cart and update the shopping cart for a more accurate shipping price.


The shipping time and ETA will depend on the shipping method and destination country. Some countries are faster to process and clear packages than others. For example, shipments to South America tends to take longer than shipments to the USA.

All the ETA above are only estimates. Please, keep in mind that the ETA starts to count only once your package leaves the origin and NOT from the day of your purchase. The shipping time may be longer than the predicted time due to many factors such as:

- Customs are a big factor in the ETA of your package. All packages must pass though customs inspections in the origin and destination countries. Some customs are flexible and others more strict. If your package is picked by your customs for routine inspection, expect a delay in delivery.
- Holidays in the origin or destination country.
- Weekends are not included in the ETA, only business days.
- Extreme weather conditions during transit.
- Post office speed in handling packages.