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3D Printed Spacers / Shims / Washers for Spinner Buttons. Pack with 12x rings. Choose between 0.5mm or 1mm thick, for dedicated threading or grub screw style buttons.

NOTICE: This product is non refundable and also may NOT work for you. Please read all the information below before purchasing! All orders are final.

Spacers (also known as Shims or Washers) are small rings that are often used under the spinner buttons in order to ‘lift’ them and make them sit a bit taller on your spinner.

This can in some cases enable you to use a different set of buttons on your spinner that was not possible without the Spacers, opening more possibilities for spinner button swaps.

Our Spacers are 3D printed in PLA in two different thickness, 1mm (Army Green Color) and 0.5mm (Grey Color). They should fit most buttons that are designed to fit a R188 bearing. They are available in two different styles, for Dedicated Threaded Buttons (male and female threading system) and for Grub Screw Buttons.

The Spacers for Dedicated Threaded buttons have one ring that should fit around the female button stem and the other that should fit around the male M3 thread itself. For this reason one have a smaller hole then the other (check photos for reference).

Both Spacers styles come in packs of 12x pieces, meaning, 12x unique rings for the Dedicated Spacers and 6x + 6x unique rings for the Grub Screw Spacers.

Every pack includes 1x 2mm Stainless Steel sphere that serves as a grub screw extensor, in case your buttons use grub screws and you need to extend them.

Check the Youtube videos below to learn more on how to use them:

How to extend a grub screw for your spinner buttons using a SS sphere

Using 0.5mm Spacers on grub screw style buttons with extended grub screw

Using 0.5mm Spacers with dedicated threading type buttons


1 - Expect imperfections! These are 3D printed parts and even though we QC every single one (as well as sand down most of them) they should still present small imperfections such as small plastic strings, small nicks and small variations in shape and size. Thickness could vary in around 0.2mm +-. Please do not order if you are not ok with this.

2 - We cannot guarantee they will fit your buttons. We also can’t guarantee that once installed, your buttons will close / thread back in together. How does it works? When using Spacers the threading on your buttons will stay further apart, so they may not match and thread back in if the threading part (male or grub screw) is too short. You may try the thinner spacers (0.5mm) first for a higher chance of success, but no guarantees. If your buttons uses  a grub screw, you may try to extend your grub screw length by unscrewing the grub screw and placing the 2mm SS sphere into the button hole and try to screw the grub screw on top of the sphere, in order to try to make it taller (check video tutorial on this page). Again, this may or may not work on your buttons, and we can’t guarantee success. Please do not order if you are not ok with this.

3 - Spacers for Dedicated Threading Buttons are meant for only M3 threading thickness. They will not work if your Dedicated buttons use M4. Also, even if your buttons are Dedicated M3, the Spacer may or may not go in, or may not go in easily. You may have to “rotate” the spacer into the threading for it to go through, and the same to remove it. Again, we cannot guarantee it will work for your buttons even if you use M3 Dedicated Buttons. Please do not order if you are not ok with this.

- For the Grub Screw Style Set: One pack with 12 single Spacers + One 2mm SS sphere.
- For the Dedicated Screw Style Set: One pack with 12 single Spacers (6x Spacers for the female buttons and 6x for the male) + One 2mm SS sphere.

Dimentions: (can vary up to 0.2mm +-)
- Grub Screw Style: 8mm OD x 6mm ID x 0.5mm Thick
- Grub Screw Style: 8mm OD x 6mm ID x 1mm Thick
- Dedicated Style: 8mm OD x 6mm ID x 0.5mm Thick
- Dedicated Style: 8mm OD x 4mm ID x 1mm Thick

NOTICE: Please make sure these will fit in your spinner buttons before purchasing.