Terms and Conditions

Check out all the items described in our terms and conditions . Read carefully and make sure you understand all before placing your order with us. Once you place your order, you agree with the following:

1 - You are responsible for any taxes or duties in your country.

2 - You agree that you may have to wait for a unpredictable amount of time to receive your order, since your customs may randomly pick your package for inspection (a common customs routine) and that could delay greatly the delivery time estimated for your order. Since we cannot control this, we will not provide any refund for cases in which the package is not delivered within the ETA.

Although we will give you all the support in trying to locate your package, using a formal and official written document that we will send to your local post office, in case you have a uncommon delivery time.

In cases where the package return to us for unpredictable reasons, we can provide you a refund or reshipment if you need but the shipping cost will be deducted from your side (in both cases).

3 - We will always ship your order to the address you provided at checkout. If you would like to make an address change after your purchase, you have only 12 hours to send us an email with the correct address.

Any address changes made after we ship your order is your responsibility and we will not provide you a refund, so be careful!

4 - In case of any issues with the content of your order, such as defective or missing items, the buyer must contact us via email within 7 days of receiving the package. We will not be able to provide assistance if we are contacted after the initial 7 days.

5 - Shipping fees for returns or replacements are covered by the buyer, and in cases of refund, the shipping will be subtracted from the total payment.