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Notice: All the characteristics described below, (except for "specs") are based on our personal opinions only. Features such as "speed" or "sound" may vary drastically, depending on which spinner you are spinning and on each person. Please, keep that in mind before you purchase this item :)

Notice 2: Due to the ceramic materials and the manufacturing techniques used to make this specific bearing, it’s is common for the bearing to present small imperfections such as small marks on its body and cage. The PEEK cage slots may have slightly different sizes or offset. However, all these are considered normal characteristics for this bearing, and they should not affect the performance and spin quality of the bearing in any way. UQH does not consider any of these as a issues and no refunds or cancelations are provided for bearing orders, unless the bearing is malfunctioning. More infos can be found in our refund and return policy page.


The Gimbal is a unique Si3n4 ceramic bearing that comes with 9 stainless steel balls and provides a very satisfying gyroscopic effect with a strong character, yet a feedback that feels gentle and smooth. Tolerance is good and consistent.


* 9 Balls - Stainless Steel
* Ceramic Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Body Construction
* One-Piece "Snap In" PEEK Crown Cage


Notice 3: Please notice that we do a sample test of a few bearings for each type of bearing offered in our shop once we receive them from the manufacturer, although it is unfeasible for us to fully test all bearings from our inventory. However we do visually check every single one of them before they ship as well as test them for tolerance and give them a quick spin too.

Some bearings may be a bit dusty or gritty once you receive them, or sometimes they may present small marks or tiny dings on the edges of the races (specially for full ceramic ones due to the brittleness of the material), but they should not have any mechanical faults.

For bearings that you may feel that are "dusty", please use a compressed air can on the bearing while holding it with a straw. Make sure to make the bearing spin as fast as possible for around 5 seconds. That should be enough to get rid of any tiny particles, dust or lint that may be sitting between the bearing balls and cage. We do not recommend the use of liquids or soap for any bearings.

If you encounter small marks like nicks and dings around the edges of the races, please know that we consider that as normal since it should not affect the performance of the bearing in any way.

At this time, we do NOT offer refunds for bearings (unless there is clear mechanical or manufacturing fault upon receiving them) and all orders are final. If you have any questions please email us or visit our “Refund & Return Policy" page.