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Solid Revolver Knuckle Roller - Polished Stainless Steel - EDC / Skill Toy and Fidget - Original Design by Unquiet Hands

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Knuckle Rollers are a type of skill toy that you can use to practice patterns and improve your skills or just as a fidget to pass the time. They are used by manipulating them with your fingers, kind of the same way you roll a coin.

The "Solid" Revolver is a new variation of our first Revolver Knuckle Roller release, but without the spinning ends. It has the exact same dimensions as the previous "spinning" version. This "Solid" version makes the entire piece more hefty, with a more minimal and clean aesthetics. The flat sides allows you to display it in a vertical standing position on your desk or any flat surface, great for photos and displaying!

All pieces have a minimalist UQH logo milled in one of the sides of the Knuckle Roller.

What is Included:

* 1x Solid Revolver Knuckle Roller
* 1x UQH Black Microfiber Cloth
* 1x Sleeve Pouch
* 1x Certificate of Authenticity (COA)


* Material: Stainless Steel
* Finish: Mirror Polished
* Weight: Around 78 grams
* Size: 60 mm