ULTRA NYLON - R188 10 BALLS - PACK OF 4, 6 OR 10

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ULTRA NYLON - R188 10 BALLS - PACK OF 4, 6 OR 10

This is considered one of the best bearings for spinners (and Yoyos) available in the market. It is ultra smooth, silent and fast due to its Molded Nylon Cage, chrome outer race and SS balls. it's almost a "must" in many premium & high-end spinners out there due to its smoothness and long spin times.

NOTICE: This bearing has Stainless Steel balls (SS), but have a chrome inner and outer race which may get rust depending on the humidity of your environment. For the best maintenance, do not use water, alcohol or hair dryer in this bearing. Use only a compressed air can (AKA Duster).


* Ultra smooth, silent and long spin times.
* 10 Stainless Steel balls (high performance)
* Chrome outer and inner race
* Molded Nylon Cage "TW" Type: Less fluctuations in torque = higher speeds
* 1/4" x 1/2" x 3/16" inch
* Inner Diameter (ID) 6.35mm
* Outer Diameter (OD) 12.7mm
* Thickness 4.762mm
* Operating temperature range: -30º C to +120º C