PULSAR 2.0 - 8 Si3N4 BALLS - NYLON CAGE - R188

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PULSAR 2.0 - 8 BALLS - Si3N4 - Molded Nylon Cage - HYBRID CERAMIC - R188

Notice: All the characteristics described below, (except for "specs") are based on our personal opinions only. Features such as "speed" or "sound" may vary drastically, depending on which spinner you are spinning and on each person. Please, keep that in mind once you read the characteristics below :)


* Feedback:
 Smooth and satisfying spins
* Sound:
* Speed: Feels fast
* Tolerance: "4" in a scale from 0 - 5, being 0 loose, and 5 tight


* 8 Balls - Ceramic Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)
* Hybrid Ceramic (SS+Ceramic)
* Molded Nylon Cage


Attention: When using any type of glue to install your bearings, be very careful not to drop any small drop of glue inside the bearing tracks. Also pay attention to small flakes of dry glue once you are installing or uninstalling your bearings as they may fall into the bearing tracks and could potentially ruin your bearing spins. We QC and spin test every bearing before they leave the Shop to make sure they spin nice and freely, and we do not take responsibility for user error, nor issue replacements for this reason. If you have any questions on how to install your bearings please contact us and we would be glad to help!

Notice 2: Please notice that we visually check every single bearing before they ship as well as test them for tolerance and give them a quick spin to make sure they are performing well and spinning freely.

Some bearings may be a bit dusty or gritty once you receive them, or sometimes they may present small marks or tiny dings on the edges of the races (specially for full ceramic ones due to the brittleness of the material), but they should not have any mechanical faults.

For bearings that you may feel that are "dusty", please use a compressed air can on the bearing while holding it with a straw. Make sure to make the bearing spin as fast as possible for around 5 seconds. That should be enough to get rid of any tiny particles, dust or lint that may be sitting between the bearing balls and cage. We do not recommend the use of liquids or soap for any bearings.

At this time, we do NOT offer refunds for bearings (unless there is clear mechanical or manufacturing fault upon receiving them) and all orders are final. If you have any questions please email us or visit our “Refund & Return Policy" page.