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Leviathan Marlin Spike - Titanium (TI) Cerakoted Army Green - Original Design by Unquiet Hands

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Marlin Spikes are most known to be used as tools for rope work and are usually an essential item for paracord enthusiasts. Spikes are getting more and more popular among the EDC Community. People have been carrying and collecting Spikes along their other EDC gear, not only to use them as tools but also to appreciate them as true metal art pieces!

The Leviathan Marlin Spike was designed not only as a fantastic and beautiful minimalist Spike, but also to offer a shape that provides comfort, grip, portability, safety and ease to use. The Leviathan provides areas to rest your thumb and increase precision while working on paracord knots. Its rounded tip allows for safety during use and its waist offers a nice retainer and grip, so it remains in place during use. Also, it has a perfect size and weight to be Every Day Carried with ease! (All specs bellow).

The Leviathan Marlin Spike body shape is made not only using a Lathe but also including a CNC Machine in the process, in order to achieve this elegant and stunning shape design.

But what really is a Marlin Spike?

From Wikipedia: Shaped in the form of a narrow metal cone tapered to a rounded or flattened point, it is used in such tasks as unlaying rope for splicing, untying knots, drawing tight using a marlinspike hitch, and as a toggle joining ropes under tension in a belaying pin splice. Marlinspikes are usually about 6–12 inches (15–30 cm) long, but may reach 2 feet (61 cm) or more when used for working heavy cables and ropes. They are usually made from iron or steel, whereas fids, similar in shape and function, are formed from wood or bone. Historically a separate tool, the marlinspike is integrated in specialized versions of folding rigging and pocket knives. Sailors who become proficient at knot tying, splicing, and sewing using the marlinspike are said to have mastered marlinespike seamanship, earning them the right to be known as marlin spikes or marlinspike seamen.

What is Included:

* 1x Leviathan Marlin Spike
* 1x Leviathan Bead
* 1x Black Paracord 4mm x 69 cm
* 1x UQH Black Microfiber Cloth
* 1x Shockproof Hard Case
* 1x Certificate of Authenticity (COA)


* Material: Titanium (TI)
* Finish: Full Cerakote (Army Green)
* Spike Weight: ~43.5 grams
* Bead Weight: ~12.9 grams

* Spike Size: 120 mm length / 15mm diameter (on thickest part)
* Bead Size: 24mm length / 15m diameter (on thickest part)
* Paracord Size: 4mm x 69 cm