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Hourglass Knuckle Roller - Polished Stonewashed (PSW) Titanium - Original Design by Unquiet Hands

Here you go guys! Our newest Knuckle Roller is in da house, The Hourglass Knuckle Roller! This design was designed in a hourglass shape to help with the finger rolling action, making your finger naturally slide to it's middle, no matter where you grab it, making it super easy to learn and improve your knuckle rolling skills.

Also the Hourglass Knuckle Roller comes with threaded tips (end parts / weights) in different metals, that you can swap in case you have other Hourglass in a different metal, this way changing also not only the material, but also the weight, which will affect it's momentum, changing the experience completely.

Knuckle Rollers are a type of skill toy that you can use to practice patterns and improve your skills or just as a fidget to pass the time. They are used by manipulating them with your fingers, kind of the same way you roll a coin.

What is Included in this version:

* 1x PSW Titanium Hourglass Knuckle Roller
* 2x Threaded Brass Tips / Weights / Ends
* 1x Panda Pocket Pouch
* 1x Certificate of Authenticity (COA)


* Body Material: Polished Stonewashed (PSW) Titanium
* Threaded Tips: Brass (7.1 grams each)
* Total Weight: ~ 38 grams
* Length: 60 mm
* Thickness: 16 mm (thicker part) 4.8 mm (middle part)