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After use, wipe the tip with a tissue, close the cap, put the Alpha Gel inside a Ziploc and store it in the fridge. This will expand its lifespan and avoid clogging of the tip!

Attention: When using any type of glue to install your bearings, be very careful not to drop any small drop of glue inside the bearing tracks. Also pay attention to small flakes of dry glue once you are installing or uninstalling your bearings as they may fall into the bearing tracks and could potentially ruin your bearing spins.  We do not take responsibility for user error. If you have any questions on how to install your bearings please contact us and we would be glad to help!

Why is this glue good for spinner enthusiasts? Here are some of the reasons:

• It's a "non drip gel", which means it has a nice gel like texture to it, making it easy to apply small consistent droplets in the bearing hole wall of the spinner body.

• It has a friendly curing time, which allows you to work with the gel in the spinner in a more "human" way, so you don't need to rush or be afraid that it may dry before you complete the work. And it cures / dries in just the right time, so you don't need to wait forever for it to dry. In other words it dries in a minute instead of seconds like other adhesives.

• It has just the right strength, not too weak, not too strong. Meaning, it sticks the bearing in place with the right amount of power required for a spinner. Once it's time to replace your bearing, you can be confident that it should be fairly easy to remove the bearing by using a bearing removal tool, different from other super strong loctites where even with a bearing tool it can get super hard to remove the bearing.

• It is extremely soluble in acetone, even more than other adhesives we've tried, which makes the job of cleaning / wiping the bearing hole really easy with a Qtip and acetone.

• It's nozzle is very thin, making it perfect for the application on the bearing hole of the spinner.

• Even with the thin nozzle, we've noticed that the Aron gel won't clog the nozzle so easily like other adhesives. To prevent clogging, we highly recommend wiping the excess glue from the nozzle with a tissue every time after use, putting it inside a Ziploc and storing it in the fridge.


1 -
 Before the first use, twist the plastic cap to its full to pierce the foil seal.
2 - Pull out the plastic cap and apply to use.
3 - Clean the surface to be bonded.
4 - Apply a small drop of glue on one side of the surface.
5 - Bond together with the other surface and press gently.
6 - Wipe off excess of glue from the tip and replace the cap tightly.


Contains: Cyanoacrylate.
* Eye Irritant.
* Bonds Skin Instantly.
* NET WT. 3 Grams
* Made in Japan


* Ceramics, Wood, Rubber, Hard Plastic, Metal


1 -
Do not apply too much glue because excessive amount will lead to poor results.
2 - After every use, stre in cool and dry place.
3 - Keep out of reach of children to avoid misuse.
4 - If the product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water immediately for 15 minutes and consult a physician for medical treatment.
5 - If skin bonding occurs, do not pull. Soak in warm water or apply with acetone-based nail polish remover and gently peel or roll skin apart.