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REVOLVER KNUCKLE ROLLER - TITANIUM - Original Design by Unquiet Hands

NOTICE: All the Revolvers are laser etched with a small UQH logo in their side.

Knuckle Rollers are a type of skill toy that you can use to practice patterns and improve your skills or just as a fidget to pass the time. They are used by manipulating them with your fingers, kind of the same way you roll a coin.

The Revolver is a modular Knuckle Roller, with spinner ends. You can use it as a normal knuckle roller or just spin and fidget with the spinner ends. You can also spin it in the table.

ALL parts are removable / modular. You can disassemble the Revolver, swap the spinner parts (rings), or connect your own R188 spinners to the endpoints and use the Revolver as a spinner stand or just use it as a spinner.


* 1x Revolver Knuckle Roller (Titanium)
* 2x SS R188 Bearings / Installed
* 1x UQH Bearing Removal Tool (new model)
* 1x UQH Black Microfiber Cloth
* 1x Tin box
* 1x Certificate of Authenticity (COA)


* Material: Titanium
* Weight: 43 grams
* Size: 60 mm
* Bearings: R188 Stainless Steel 10 Balls
* Threaded / retainer bearing mechanism
* Hand spin or table spin