Rocker Clicker - Preorder Updates

Rocker Clicker - Preorder Updates

This Preorder is expected to ship within 12-24 weeks, after the initial preorder closed, which should happen around September up to December 2021. Below you can check updates and progress for this preorder. If there are any delays, issues, or good news, we will be including all in here. If you have any questions about this preorder during the waiting period, please contact us at any time, but please know that we are counting with your patience :)

May.31.2021 - Preorder Open

June.15.2021 - Preorder Closed

June.16.2021 - Raw Material Ordered

June.21.2021 - Production Started

June.24.2021 - Preorder Extended

July.19.2021 - Preorder Extension Closed