Rocker Clicker - Preorder Updates

Rocker Clicker - Preorder Updates

This Preorder is expected to ship within 12-24 weeks, after the initial preorder closed, which should happen around September up to December 2021. Below you can check updates and progress for this preorder. If there are any delays, issues, or good news, we will be including all in here. If you have any questions about this preorder during the waiting period, please contact us at any time, but please know that we are counting with your patience :)

May.31.2021 - Preorder Open

June.15.2021 - Preorder Closed

June.16.2021 - Raw Material Ordered

June.21.2021 - Production Started

June.24.2021 - Preorder Extended

July.19.2021 - Preorder Extension Closed

August.9.2021 - Production of Stainless Steel (SS) Rockers finished. Assembly of Rockers in SS have started. Production for Brass and Titanium still ongoing and going well.

August.21.2021 - Production of Titanium Rockers is now completed. We are currently assembling all Stainless Steel pieces, and as soon as we finish them we will start assembling (QCing, etc) the Titanium ones. Right now we are only waiting for Brass Rockers to finish production, so those should be assembled later on. Overall all good no issues so far!

September.22.2021 - (copied from our UQH Facebook Group post)

Hello guys! It’s been a while 😄 This is a short update just to let you all know that we are working super harrrrrd on the Rockers assembly.

All SS pieces have been assembled and we are now currently assembling all Titanium pieces, and hopefully should start assembling brass soon.

Once we finish the assembly of all pieces in all metals for this preorder we will then start fulfilling preorders and getting these satisfying little clickers to your hands ASAP!

We will not use this time to assemble extra pieces, and will only focus on the exact number of pieces sold on this preorder. Only after we ship them we will then start assembling some extra pieces for a future drop.

We want to apologize for being silent here in our amazing UQH group which I’m so proud of, but I am really using all my energy and focus to get the Rockers ready for action.

We asked for 12-24 weeks for shipment which should end in December, but I guarantee that we really want to get these shipped earlier than that! Last thing we want is let you guys waiting but its just a very long and meticulous process that we need to follow to ensure the best quality possible.

Also, I know some of you would rather prefer us to have them shipped as soon as we finish assembling them, but if we were to do that it would really affect the flow of our entire process, and it would create a bottleneck on our pipeline.

Lastly, I’m truly excited to see how you all gonna enjoy these clickers. I have a very positive feeling about them and I’m so happy of how amazing these turned out.

I will keep posting updates as I can, and I will try not to take so long to give you guys a future update, but please just know that if there isn’t a update when you check the group, that means we are working on them!

That’s all for now, please do comment here if you have any questions! We count with your amazing patience and support 🙏

Love ya all!