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Vega V2: Works with R188 or 608 Bearings.
~270 grams
Material: 7075 Aluminum Aircraft Grade
Finish: Beadblasted & Cerakoted
Color: Sparkly Bronze
Laser Etched UQH logo
Designed by Unquiet Hands (UQH)

Cerakote Edition! But what is exactly is Cerakote?

All tools are still made out of 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum , although this time we used a Cerakote coating instead of anodizing. Here is a short explanation of what is Cerakote:

"Cerakote is a permanent ceramic based finish that enhances the surface including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Widely used in guns in order to keep them from getting scratched, protecting the surface from bumps or drops. The thin ceramic layer also protects the moving parts from wear." (source: Wikipedia).

We think that Cerakote is the perfect type of coating for the Vega V2, since it increases it's lifetime and also gives it some amazing unique colors!

"What's the difference between the Vega V1 and V2?"

The Vega V2 is a completely redesigned bearing tool with lots of improvements and upgrades if compared with its previews version. Check below all of its new features (you can also read this same infos in the 3D Renders):

* Wider Screw Diameter: The Screw has now the perfect diameter, which provides less “play” on the bearing, keeping it aligned flush with your spinner during the installation.

* A Completely New Body: The Vega V2 has now a much more manageable and secure lower handle (body) with a longer and wider diameter and a new grip design.

* Rounded and Comfy: The edge under the top handle is now widely rounded, making the entire experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.

* Aluminum 7075, Aircraft Grade: 7075 is a very strong and lightweight aluminum widely used in high-stress and high-pressure structures. It’s also corrosion resistant and non-magnetic.

* Removable Screw: Now you can easily remove and replace the Vega V2 screw (if needed) using a Hex key, so in case it gets damaged you can install a new one. Every Vega V2 comes with a Hex tool and two screws included, one stock and one extra :)

* It’s Lightweight: Weight reduction holes are precisely drilled around the Vega V2 7075 Aluminum body, making it more lightweight and portable.

* It’s for R188 and 608: The Vega V2 comes with 2 black delrins, one for R188 and another one for 608 Bearings. It also comes with two washers in Aluminum, one for each bearing type.

* Upgraded Washer: The washer has now a wider part in one side, which helps keeping the bearing flush with the spinner surface during installation. It also serves as a “stopper”, making it easier to be removed from the spinner bearing hole after a bearing removal.

* Bearing Container: The Vega V2 features a chamber at the bottom of the body, with 4 slots that can store up to 20 R188 Bearings in total, or up to 5 Bearings per slot. The 4 slots have the perfect size (not tight, not loose) to hold the bearings in their slots, without bouncing around. The container is closed with a threaded Aluminum cap, which keeps all bearings safe from dust and accessible at all times.

* It’s Grippy and Comfy: Each tool comes with a set of 3 matte black silicone bands, which can be used as a “skin” to not only protect the tool, but also make it even more comfortable and grippy.

* The Finish Matters: With a beadblasted and Cerakoted 7075 Aluminum (Aircraft Grade) surface, combined with the newly added vertical machined lines design, the Vega V2 provides a very confident grip, resilient body and a long-lasting surface to the entire tool.

* V2 vs V1: Although bigger than the V1, the V2 is more lightweight due to the reduced mass in material and smarter design, making it more portable, practical and EDC friendly. For comparison the Vega V1 weights around 380 grams in Stainless Steel, while the Vega V2 weights around 270 grams in Aluminum