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Tungsten (W) Atrium Slotless - Deep Stonewash - Original Design by Unquiet Hands

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This W Atrium was deep stonewashed in a vibratory tumbler for around 4 hours using a special media. After the tumble, it was carefully rinsed, cleaned, inspected and assembled. The total process took around 5 hours. The result is a fantastic smooth surface, with a beautiful and soft granular matte finish.

Please notice that the stonewash processes, washes a little the serial number that is lasered in the body. The number will still be visible, but a bit faint.

The Tungsten Atrium will come with our new Cupola V2 installed, which is a new version of the Cupola with a smoother lip. The Canopy will still be included as an extra.

The Atrium showcases round and smooth edges all around, making it ultra comfortable to flick, carry and fidget with. Its sides are angled in a way to provide the best fidgetability and gyroscopic feedback possible.

This W Atrium Spinner comes with the following items included:

* 1x 22mm Stainless Steel Canopy Caps for Pressfit
* 1x 22mm Stainless Steel Cupola V2 Caps for Pressfit
* 1x R188 Hybrid Ceramic 10 Balls (installed)
* 1x 
R188 Ultra Smooth Nylon Cage (extra)
* 1x Black Velvet Microfiber Polishing Cloth


* Spin Time: 3-6+ min out of the box (table spin)
* Bearing 1: R188 Hybrid Ceramic 10 Balls
* Bearing 2: R188 Ultra Smooth Nylon Cage
* Spinner Body: Deep Stonewashed Tungsten Alloy 95%
* Spinner Buttons: 2x 22mm SS Buttons
* Weight: 170~180 grams
* Size: 51.5 mm in Diameter
* Slip / Pressfit bearing

NOTICE: Due to the natural properties of Tungsten (W), it is normal that the arrangement of the Tungsten mass and density, presents some variations in the rough materials, which can cause the final product, - in this case the Atrium spinner - to have a slight flutter / judder sometimes (but not all times). We assemble all spinners and QC them one by one before shipping, and although our standards are high and we will never ship any piece that wobbles, we do accept slight fluttering in some pieces. Please make sure you understand this and keep that in mind before ordering this Tungsten Atrium Spinner. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or refunds for this reason in this particular case, thank you for your understanding.

Check below the Atrium Spinner Official Video:

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