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The Sage is a very minimalist bar spinner design. Its extremely comfortable and super fidgetable. There are no hotspots. With a spin diameter of 46mm, it's perfect for some stealth spins in meetings, class, or public spaces!

Notice 1: The Antique finish may either faint or get stronger, depending on the type of skin chemistry (skin oils) of each person. For this reason, the Antique finish you receive will not be permanent. New patinas should form with normal use, changing the looks of the spinner with time. That's normal for all Copper, Brass and Bronze Spinners. Also, If you decide to polish your spinner using a polishing compound like Mothers Mag for example, the Antique Patina will be removed.

Notice 2: The photos are for reference only. Since this is a hand made finish and each piece is unique, the Antique patterns should differ from the photos, but overall they should be similar.


* 1x 23mm Brass Sage Buttons (Antique)
* 1x
Panda Pocket Pouch
* 1x R188 - SS 10 Balls (Stock)
* 1x R188 - Jupiter Nylon Cage
* 1x Black Velvet Microfiber Polishing Cloth


* Weight: ~ 75.5 grams
* Size:
46 mm
* Spinner Body: 
Brass (Antique)
* Spinner Buttons:
23mm Brass (Antique)
* Bearings:
1x SS 10 Balls + 1x Jupiter
* Pressfit / Slip Fit bearing system

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