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Mini Atrium Spinner - Stainless Steel - Fine Stonewashed (FSW) - Design by UQH

The Mini Atrium it's our very new addition to the Atrium family. I'ts size of 45 mm in diameter makes it super fidgetable and comfortable, not being too small or too big, but in the "sweet spot" of many people!

PS: All Mini Atriums are currently "Slotless".

If you want to read a full review of the Mini Atrium, you can check this amazing review by u/IdleSpin on Reddit, where he dives deep and makes a in depth analysis of our Mini Atrium.


The Mini Atrium Spinner comes with the following items included:

* 1x 20mm SS Canopy Buttons (FSW)
* 1x
Panda Pocket Pouch
* 1x R188 Ultra Smooth Nylon Cage
* 1x R188 Hybrid Ceramic 10 Balls
* 1x Black Velvet Microfiber Polishing Cloth
* 1x UQH Bearing Removal Tool


* Weight: ~ 70 grams
* Size:
45 mm
* Spinner Body:
Stainless Steel (FSW)
* Spinner Buttons:
20 mm Stainless Steel Canopy (FSW)
* Bearings:
1x Hybrid Ceramic + 1x Ultra Bearing
* Pressfit / Slip Fit bearing system

Check below the Atrium Spinner Official Video:

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