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Copper Atrium Spinner - Original Design by Unquiet Hands

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The Atrium showcases round and smooth edges all around, making it ultra comfortable to flick, carry and fidget with. Its sides are angled in a way to provide the best fidgetability and gyroscopic feedback possibleSix Tritium slots are available in this version, for 1.5 x 6mm trits (or smaller).

The spin time is absolutely amazing for its size, 4-6+ min out of the box, of pure silent and butter smooth spin quality. Its diameter of 51.5 mm is perfect for all hand sizes.


The Atrium Spinner comes with 2 sets of 22mm buttons with different designs. We call them Cupola and Canopy Caps. 

Canopy and Cupola Caps by Unquiet Hands - UQH

The Atrium Spinner comes with the following items included:

* 2x 22mm Copper Buttons (Cupola and Canopy)
* 1x R188 Ultra Smooth Nylon Cage
* 1x R188 Hybrid Ceramic 10 Balls
* 1x Black Velvet Microfiber Polishing Cloth
* 1x UQH Bearing Removal Tool


* Spin Time: 4-6+ min out of the box (table spin)
* Bearing 1: R188 Ultra Smooth Nylon Cage
* Bearing 2: R188 Hybrid Ceramic 10 Balls 
* Spinner Body: Copper
* Spinner Buttons: 2x 22mm Copper Buttons
* Weight: 100 grams
* Size: 51.5 mm in Diameter
* Threaded bearing mechanism
* Hand spin and table spin

Check below the Atrium Spinner Official Video:

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