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- Shipping time should happen anywhere from 12 WEEKS TO 24 WEEKS, after the Preorder closes.

- It is possible that it could even ship earlier than 12 weeks, but we like to play safe with Preorders, so we are adding some room for potential challenges.

- Once the Preorder closes we should start production right away

- If more time is ever needed for the completion and shipment of this Preorder, we will be informing everyone through our channels, transparently as we always do.

- Please kindly understand that we will not be able to provide refunds after the preorder closes because we are using the Preorder funds to fund the entire production so please know that in advance, Preorders are final!


This is a Preorder for:

Product: Rocker Clicker
6 Stock Buttons + Storage
Magnets: 24x N52 Neodymium Magnets (Installed)
28.5mm x 43mm
Weight Prediction:
~68 grams
Glass Blasted
Back: UQH Branded milled waves


The finish for them will be glass blasted, a very fine “satin” like finish, just like you see in the photos and videos. It’s super smooth and silky, and not rough or chalky at all. It’s an amazing finish. ;)

What exactly is a "Clicker"?

Clickers are haptic magnetic devices that you can easily fidget with and they usually don't require any skills. It's more like a fidget toy rather than a skill toy. They are super fun to play with and provide a super satisfying sensory response usually attributed as a haptic feedback. Some people say clickers have been helping them greatly to cope with anxiety, nail picking, skin picking, lip picking, peeling, nail biting, stress, and other anxiety related disorders.

So what is the Rocker Clicker?

In a few words, it’s pure clicking satisfaction. 🤤 Each click has this super solid and satisfying haptic feedback that makes you feel craving for the next click. Seriously, it’s that addicting!

A big shoutout to our friend Owen Cimo who inspired us with countless clicking ideas which motivated us to develop the Rocker idea further and further!

As mentioned, the Rocker Clicker will be available in three different designs or variations: Rocker, Rocker Slim and Rocker Plus. Each design has a different size and shape as well as a different configuration and amount of buttons.

One thing that is cool about these different designs is that although they vary in sizes and shapes, they still share the same type of “Buttons”, which makes them extremely modular and interchangeable, opening up for some serious metals swap possibilities! You can have a Rocker base in Titanium, and fill it with Brass buttons for example, or the other way around, etc.

Design-wise, they are all super comfortable to hold in your hands for long periods of time. They offer comfortable rounded edges all around and the clicking action is just impeccable, intuitive, solid and very satisfying. There is no pinching on your fingers whatsoever and it’s really just a joy to carry and fidget with these little guys. Their sizes are very pocket friendly and EDC-able :D.

The Wide Button:

Another cool thing is that we are also offering a “Wide Button” style as an extra separate item for this Preorder (you can choose to purchase it from the drop-down menu if you wish). This Wide Button is not only wider but it also has double the amount of magnetic pull and clicking feedback, since it takes 4 magnets instead of 2 like the other buttons. The installation only takes a few seconds. You just need to remove two of the stock Buttons to open room for the Wide Button, place it on the open slot and click away!


Each metal should have different clicking sounds and feedback since different metals have different kinds of densities and should vibrate differently from each other. As for now we have only made SS Rocker prototypes so we still don’t know how the other metals will vibrate and resonate, but I am definitely excited to try them all out!

Also btw, these Rockers click loud! If you are concerned about sound, or if you are particularly sensitive to loud clicking sounds, be advised!

WARNINGS AND TIPS: Click here to read all warnings!