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Anodized Titanium Atrium Spinner - Customized by Flyaway Toys

This unique and one of a kind Titanium Atrium Spinner was electro-anodized by the talented Allison Miles from Flyaway Toys. She has a unique and vibrant anodizing style that is really a signature of her work. Also, notice that when getting this customized Atrium, you will receive one certificate of authenticity from UQH and  one from Flyaway Toys for their customized work!

The Atrium showcases round and smooth edges all around, making it ultra comfortable to flick, carry and fidget with. Its sides are angled in a way to provide the best fidgetability and gyroscopic feedback possibleSix Tritium slots are available in this version, for 1.5 x 6mm trits (or smaller).


The Atrium Spinner comes with 2 sets of 22mm buttons with different designs. We call them Cupola and Canopy Caps. 

The Anodized Atrium Spinner comes with the following items included:

* 2x 22mm Anodized Titanium Buttons (Cupola and Canopy)
* 1x R188 Ultra Smooth Nylon Cage
* 1x R188 Hybrid Ceramic 10 Balls
* 1x Black Velvet Microfiber Polishing Cloth
* 1x UQH Bearing Removal Tool
* 1x Certificate of Authenticity by Unquiet Hands
* 1x Certificate of Authenticity by FlyawayToys


* Spin Time: 4-6+ min out of the box (table spin)
* Bearing 1: R188 Ultra Smooth Nylon Cage
* Bearing 2: R188 Hybrid Ceramic 10 Balls 
* Spinner Body: Titanium
* Spinner Buttons: 2x 22mm Titanium Buttons
* Weight: 53 grams
* Size: 51.5 mm in Diameter
* Threaded bearing mechanism
* Hand spin and table spin

Check below the Atrium Spinner Official Video:

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